Plesk License

Start building your business now with comprehensive server management tools on our robust infrastructure.

Web Admin

Built for website and server administration.

Rp 90.000/Month

Web Pro

Solution for developers and designers.

Rp 135.000/Month

Web Host

Build and grow hosting business on Plesk.

Rp 225.000/Month


Extensions Features

Wordpress Toolkit

Easily develop your WordPress website, from staging to production. All the feature is available for Plesk Web Pro and Host Edition users.

SEO Toolkit

Optimize your website rank in search engines. Test, analyze and monitor the result easily. You can also monitor how your competitors doing. We don't miss any steps!


Free webmail extension for Plesk users. A multilingual IMAP based browser with an application interface. Create a webmail extension as easy as drag & drop.

Docker Support

Run, manage & install the containers straight from a single dashboard. Have on-demand access to a wide range of modern technologies such as MonggoDB, Memcached, and more.

Joomla! Toolkit

Enhances security and maintenance for Joomla! sites. Single dashboard to build, secure and run all your Joomla! Instances. Supported in 32 languages.

Git Manager

Easily deploy your website content by either saving it to a local Git repository or by taking it from a remote one. You also can have it manually
or automatically to save time.

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